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A little about him...

Cashtin is best described as the class clown, the rock star born into the family of mathematicians....when I first got him at 12 weeks, he had no interest in walking a straight line...or in people for that matter, he just seemed unaware of my existence. He seemed content with walking in the ditch, getting tangled around every shrub he could find. Maybe he'll grow into this sledding thing....during his first 3 running seasons, he was a complete tourest, he didn't pull at all, just gawking at anything and everything, nothing I did made him want to work, maybe hes just not ment to be a sleddog? Anyone with dogs knows you can't force a dog to do something, so I excepted it. I dropped all expections of this dog....Season 4 came around, and just like a light switch going off, he just started working. He is actually one of the most consistant workers I have, he sets his pace, puts his head down, and pulls steady the whole run! well, would you look at that, Cashtin decided he wanted to be a Sled Dog after all, must be a fluke....nope! hes been a steady worker every since! Cashtin decided he also wanted to produce offspring one year, I kept 2 from the litter, they too have inherited Cashtins good points. Both Echo and Sasha are fast paced steady workers that don't let a thing phase them, although Sasha didn't really focus on her job until her 2nd season, so I guess the line was just a bit slow to mature mentally. Cashtin is a smaller sized male, keeps weight on well and dosn't need much to maintain his condition even during running season. Hes not a picky eater but only eats what he needs...he has a very nice coat, I wish everyone had his coat, very thin and easy to maintain in the summer, but very short and thick in the winter time. With his goofy nature, he seems to be a bit of an instigator or annoyance to other dogs, which tends to end up in a scrap with the wrong males....Cashtin was cleared for inheritable eye disease at 1 years old and again in April 2013.


Pedigree/DOB Feb. 15th 2007



Pedigree of Bendens Cashtin






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