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A little about him...

Echo is a very excitable, bouncy boy. He tries his hardest not to body slam you every time he sees you, its very difficult for him to sit still but he does try his best. Hes super fast and gets along well with everyone in the yard. Hes very focused in harness, you point him down the trail and he just goes, nothing distracts this dog. He runs in every position, providing hes on the right side of the line, he also co-leads, but don't expect him to listen to any commands except "Lets go!". I knew as a puppy he was just born to run, some show that potential on their first walk in harness. I remember when he escaped from the puppy pen (another great talent, hes an escape artist) the view from the front window of him flying down the 200 foot driveway, I'll never catch him I thought. By the time I was at the door Echo was in plain view, tearing up the gravel behind his feet, making a bee-line straight for me. That pups going to be something great, and he sure is. The decision to call him Echo was easy, as hes all you could hear Echoing from the dog yard when the harnesses came out. Echo is a larger slim built male, very tall, with a short coat. Hes an easy keeper, with a big hardy appetite.


Pedigree/DOB Dec.10th 2007


Pedigree of Washagami's Whispering Echo






Bendens Cashtin

Hartums Escalade

Sepp-Techs Lakota

Ruffo of Sepp-Alta

Ishmael of Sepp-Alta

Nestly of Sepp-Alta

Sepp-Loks Fantasy

Narles of Sepp-Alta

Sepp-Loks Buena

Riverdances Frankie

Sepp-Loks Orion

Riverviews Animal

Sepp-Loks Wilderness Image

Sepp-Loks Paris

Howling Spirits Andy

Sepp-Loks Oda of Sepp-Alta

Bendens Tupring

Arcticsuns Braveheart

Arcticsuns Polar Ice

Arcticsuns Dragon Drum

Nootkas Kimberlite at Cardium

Westhills Flower

Bourgets Brandon

Konadances Roxy

Westhill's Pam

Bourgets Brandon

Bronco of Sepp-Alta

Flair of Sepp-Alta

Konadances Roxy

Berris Harry of Sepp-Alta

Painters Hassel of Dawn Valley

Polarstars Whispering Emma

Galabrias Polarstars Rush'n

Galabrias Fuzzy Bear

Kodiaks Fizzy 2nd

Komets Timber of Kodiak

Alaskans Pearl of Anadyr

Samanthas Cool Blue Star

Howlandstn Charlies Coba

Kobankos Artic Flame

Shankisko April Spring

Kodiaks Fizzy 2nd

Komets Timber of Kodiak

Alaskans Pearl of Anadyr

Towmans Kluane

Rix's Stormy O'Buckhorn

Alaskans Chevak of Anadyr

Polarstars Midnight Jada Rose

Taybro's Tenderfoot

Kortars Konfederate Kaptain

Landfills Illicit Lover

Kortars Natashia Second

Kortars KissMeKwik at Taybro

Kortars Kustom-Kut

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