Washagami's Working Siberians

summer of 2011

We have plans to build new houses for everyone once the snow is gone, as well as add a fresh load of fill on top of the sand we put in last year. The kennel yard was flat when we first moved them in, drainage being a big problem. We had sand brought in to build up the outer edges of the yard (where the dogs are) so that everything would drain down hill and out of the pen. It worked great, and dried up extremely fast in comparison to the first year. I plan to border off the dog's circles to keep the sand contained and keep the dogs yards a little more elevated to keep everyone dry and mud free. I liked the sand because it made holes easier to fill, was soft on the dogs feet and made clean up easier, was kind of like scooping cat litter. When it rained it drained quickly, everyone can lie down on the ground right after a rain even with the ground being wet and stay farely clean. If all goes well....we also have plans for a large excersie yard in the back.

Our Kennel-new entrence

In the fall and winter months our dogs are tied out in a 80X100ft pen, with 6 foot chain link fencing. Cedar post have been buried along the sides of the pen and the wire nailed to it to prevent our escape artists from doing what they do best.

summer pens


In the summer months, when the weather goes over the +25 mark, we bring them in. Each dog has a 5x8 pen filled with shavings. In the evenings the dogs are let out to run in the kennel yard with each other to get some exercise.


Dog House Design