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Race Results 2014

Kearney Sleddog Race & Winterfest

Kearney, Ontario, Canada

 Well we did it! we finally did it! we trained all season for this one race. The goal was to complete it and have happy dogs at the end of it, and were they ever happy! I had this fear that after the first day no one would come out of their boxes the next morning...but within 4 hours after the run, the dogs were bouncing on their drop chains impatiently awaiting their meal! one of my wheel dogs *Kneema* also turned 9 this season, I couldn't be more proud of the old girl, she definitely finished with a bang. My youngster Qinnik turned two, and the rest of the team were 6 and 7 year olds. I can't wait for next year, tweak my season, I know what I need to work on. The whole weekend went by way too quickly, I had a blast out there!



 8 dog 35 miles

11 Michelle Redstone 4:25:46.00 4:24:20.00 8:50:06.00

Race Results 2013


Kearney Sleddog Race & Winterfest

Kearney, Ontario, Canada



Ooohhh boy, this was by far the worst run I have ever had, and also the worst year I've ever had...we had planned to do distance this year. The hiccup with the whole year was the food, *surprise!!* I know right? who would of thought that you have to adequately fuel a machine in order for it to run! We normally feed red paw, have done so for years, as well as raw meat. This year it was un-available in this area, and being a small kennel I couldn't justify buying a whole skid. So we tried a food a fellow kennel recommended, as well as feeding a powered meat supplement. My year was a complete flop, I went from 25 mile runs to 3 mile runs within a month, dogs did NOT want to run....so do we go to Kearney? well...how can we not...if nothing else the dogs would be happy seeing so many other dogs, its only a 2 1/2 hour drive. So we entered the 6 mile, it actually went better then I thought, I was convinced I wouldn't make it to the finish line. After a broken gangline and a massive tangle while being passed, we even came third in the purebred category! 


 6 dog 6 miles

3 Michelle Redstone 49:27.41


Seguin Dog Sled Mail Run

Feb.18th 2012


 The year of the appendix...we arrived safe and sound on a Friday evening...enjoyed a nice visit with our fellow mushers, couple of drinks then headed for bed. The follow morning I awoke to horrific stomach pains a nausea, I genuinely thought I was dieing...that morning was slow going, I must have some 24 hour flu or something. This year both Paul and I decided to run, after the mushing presentation I spent the remaining hours curled into a ball inside the cab of the truck, while Paul prepared all the equipment. In hinds sight I should of stayed in the hotel room, but why travel 3 hours to sleep in a bed all day with all my musher friends having a good time. The constant words of encouragement from our friend Barry (*bangs on window* come on! its only PMS!) really inspired me to get off my butt and push through the pain. So...hunched over and ready to hurl, I slowly managed to get our teams together. I was off and lead the way with a 3 dog team, while Paul followed with a 4 dog team...he too tried to support me along the trail, "for god sakes would you go faster! next time I'm leading!" I remember this particular section of trail that seemed much more difficult then in past years...it was a small hill just after the road crossing that is only minutes from town, I stopped half way up, I just couldn't continue any further, this is it I thought...I can't do it...then a voice from behind..."Can I just pass you? I think it would be better if I just lead the way" well...if I wasn't so weak, I would of smothered him in the neighboring snowbank. I felt getting up the hill would take less energy...so we arrived in Town with the mail (Thank God....) I thought...I managed to un-hook and pick at this wonderful meal that had been prepared for all us mushers. There would be no socializing for me, in the truck and back to bed is where I went. I took an un-healthy amount of gravel and aspirin to try and prepare for the mushers dinner that night evening. It was a lovely dinner, and after a long challenging day I was starving...I was lucky enough to sit at Marylin's table, who is by far the most fun, and loving person on the planet. It would be the last time we would ever speak or see each other as she passed that following year, RIP Marylin.

Well sunday morning arrived, unfortunately my pains did too...after a 3 hour drive back home Paul drove me to the hospital to be checked out. Well who knew, it wasn't PMS like Barry had suggested, nor was it a 24 hour flu. Behold! the problem was the one organ in your body that you don't need that was causing me this grief! I wasn't home for an hour that weekend, as my night was spent in a hospital bed with that butthead of a...*coughs* I mean supportive fiance curled up beside me in a bed too small for one person. By the time I was at the hospital much of the pain was gone, so when asked if I wanted some pain killers pumped into my veins...my answer was obviously "yeah! why the heck not!" I really could usesome R n R time...that morning I was wrapped in a warm blanky and starved for hours on end, I tried to stay awake while the anesthetic was turned on...you can't, its impossible...I awoke quite groggy, and starving....I couldn't move, everything hurt and I had to pee. The next 3 days were hell, can't sit up, can't lay down, it was terrible. It was also pay back time as Paul had to stay home to take care of me, I enjoyed every minute of it, thoroughly...



Race Results 2012


Seguin Dog Sled Mail Run

Feb.18th 2012



This was our second year attending the mail run, we were very excited about being invited back after the fun we had the first year. Paul got the chance to actually participate in the mail run this time around. I decided to give him a team of 3 for safety reasons, I can't have my dogs getting hurt can I? For anyone who has never attended this run, this year it started off on a very steep hill with a sudden 90 degree bend directly at the bottom of the hill. I set off ahead of Paul so he could follow my lead, before jumping on my runners I gave Paul the following words of encouragement "Take this rope in your hand, and do not let go, even if they drag you". I got "the look" and took off down the hill, I stopped at the bottom only to see Paul coming down full speed "Brake Paul!! Brake!!" "Oh good, he found the brake I thought" so there we were, both of us running down this beautiful trail with our bag of mail, how perfect. There were a few spots in the trail that weren't so perfect, a little rough says the trail guy. A little rough was very much an understatement of what was to come. Half of the trail in a few spots had washed out and froze that way, so a 1 1/2ft deep by 3ft wide hole was taking up half this section of trail, oh joy. I used my brakes to slow us down to prepare for what we had to try and maneuver over. My crew trotted around it, safe and sound. Speedy who was flying up my rear had little time to brake, okay he just didn't slow down. I yelled out "HOLE!!" I'll never forget the sight of all 3 dogs leaping over this massive wash out in the trail, so effortlessly. Then the look on Pauls face as he was dragged over the jagged ice hole of death on his belly as he so graciously tried to sore over with his dog team. I yelled encouraging words "Don't you dare loose those dogs!" Ah, and hes back on his feet, here we go again. The remainder of the run was much less entertaining, quiet, peaceful ahhh how nice. We trotted are way through the side streets like pros, I tried to help along the dogs over the pavement, I ended up tripping as the tread on my boots caused me to fall half way over the handle bar....we handed the mail over, we had done it, we had safely delivered the mail once again. After taking a break and giving the dogs a drink we headed back to our hotel to prepare for the mushers dinner. After a filling meal, we headed back to our cozy cabin, and called it a night.

Kearney Sleddog Race & Winterfest

Kearney, Ontario, Canada

February 11-12, 2012

 Just couldn't catch Laurel this year! But managed to stay ahead of Barry! this was a good run, I think it was the best 6 mile run I have ever done, everyone was just on the ball, no issues, we flew the whole way. I also was on afternoons the night before the race, so I got home at 1am, slept till 3am...drove 3 hours to kearney and ran...I slept really well that night..




2Michelle Redstone37:15.22


Race results 2011


Seguin Dog Sled Mail Run

Feb.19-20 2011


Well this was an interesting weekend, your probably wondering why there's a photo of both Paul and I huddling together for warmth at 5am in the photo gallery. The answer is simple, we were freezing! We drove down to the resort Friday night, was a very windy, snowy and cold night. Once arriving we cranked the heat in our room thinking, we made it safe and sound and now we can relax in this beautiful resort for the weekend. I woke up around 1am, flipped the light on in the bathroom, only it didn't come on, and it was also fairly cold in the room. I thought perhaps I should turn a side lamp on so I can see.....then had an after thought if the powers out, it won't come on, and I would rather not know at 1am, but if it is still on, I would awake Paul....I'll just go back to sleep. Well....5am arrived, we both awoke from the violent jolts coming from each other, this is your bodies natural response when you are freezing!so we decided to get dressed in our winter gear, we had snow in our bedroom from the wind blowing so hard....once Paul had figured out there was no power, and this was the reason for our discomfort her was a little upset...he called the two emergency #'s for the night manager, hmmm no answer, Paul's frustration grew, he went down stairs to look for someone as this situation seemed to be serious as you couldn't see your hand in front of your face and the emergency alarm was getting increasingly annoying. Paul decided to call the opp, after all this is an emergency, I'm surprised no one fell in the dark, and someone has to get here, there's no heat and there was a brutal snow storm brewing out there. The phone rang...and rang....rang some more....even the police couldn't help us! We got outside after taking our morning photo to see if we could find other people, luckily we had our I-Pod which was used as a temporary light source. We only had an hour to go before receiving our bag of mail, so lets get this show on the road cold or not! the wind broke, the sun came out and all seemed well. We met at our staring location, hooked up and we were off! full speed, I brought one of my slower dogs that was a little more accustomed to crowds and left my speedier shy guy at home. The trail was hard packed and fast, we made it quicker to the half way mark then we thought we would. Paul just barely made it in time, he snapped a few photos and hopped on back to get a ride to the truck. After we were 3/4 the way into town I realized there weren't that many people in the streets and Emma was very much out of shape, I considered throwing her into the basket, she made it to the end and contributed only as much as the Emma Doodle can. We arrived into town greeted by a bunch of smiling people! what a great feeling I had successfully delivered all the mail! One of the ladies picked up the mail and thanked me, she also gave me a special mail office coffee mug. Once we arrived back to the resort Paul politely spoke with the night manager, heh heh. We were upgraded to the honey moon sweet with our own jacuzzi and fire place, oh yeah! We came down for the mushers dinner which was ridiculously expensive but worth every penny, and had some good laughs with all our fellow mushers. We couldn't of asked for a nicer weekend or be surrounded by a better group of people.




Kearney Sleddog Race & Winterfest

Kearney, Ontario, Canada

February 12-13, 2011

Was a warm and damp weekend, the hills just seemed bigger this year…I was sleep deprived 2 days before the race, after a good run Saturday I was wiped out. I wasn’t just a little sleepy, I was completely burnt out. After arriving at the motel I had to re-book a room there, thinking….that’s odd, I called ahead why don’t they have the room reserved for me, luckily they had one left. It didn’t dawn on me at the time, I had showed up at the wrong motel…to make matters worse, the motel I should have stayed at was right across the street, oops….Saturday night came and I swear I didn’t get one bit of shut eye the entire night. 30 minutes before having to leave the next morning I thought I better get my butt in gear and start packing no matter how I feel. Not feeling so hot I tried snacking on some fruit to try and give me that much needed boost. Well about 10 minutes into packing I felt that feeling of floaty-ness, you know the one you feel before you go “uh oh” and take off running to the closest bucket shaped object you can find.. For the next two hours my mission was to find anything that would settle my stomach, thank you Marlyn for the Advil!!! You are my hero!! We finished the weekend 5th in the purebred! Met a few new people, and got some awesome shots of the dogs. Go Team Go!!

I wonder what Kearney has planned for me next year...


Kortright Centre Challenge
Vaughn, Ontario, Canada

January 29-30, 2011

We always have fun at this event, it's a very relaxing no pressure kinda race. Got to see a lot of friendly faces and ran the most challenging trail yet. I had a chance to bring one of my shyer dogs that dosn't get a chance to race, he made the team this year and has come along way.




2Michelle Redstone 28:21

Race results 2010

Markstay-Warren Challenge the Champ
Markstay-Warren, Ontario, Canada

January 2-3, 2010

I came 14th out of 20 and 5th out of the 9 purebred teams, this is always our first race of the season. Again it was bitterly cold, -37 with the wind chill. I got a lot of passing experience on this one! Both passing and being passed...Was Sasha's first race, you wouldn't know it though, you go girl!







Kearney Sleddog Race & Winterfest

Kearney, Ontario, Canada

February 6-7, 2010


Kearney had the fastest twistiest trails I absolutely loved it! We had a bit of a rough start to the race morning...at about 4am on hwy 11 we heard BANG! something fell off the truck?? pulled over, all was fine...phew, thank goodness we didn't blow a tire I said. About 20 minutes later there was a large noise coming from our front left tire so I figured I better go out and investigate. Sure enough, we had blown the tire! #@%! was my first thought. Thankfully we had a jack and all the bells and whistles to change it..so we hoisted the truck up got the tire off and thought, this is going great, we will only be 30 minutes late. So now we have to get the tire out from under the truck, and if you have never seen the set up on a GMC sierra to remove your spare you are literally clueless.So how many people does it take to change a tire on hwy 11 at 4am in the dark while freezing your @$$ off you ask? it took 5! One gentleman pulled over to inspect, he said there's a bolt we have to undo somewhere??? after 30 minutes of spinning this lever on a spring that clearly wasn't dropping the tire down decided we had to explore other options. So the second crew stopped to help us, and lend us a cell phone. A friend told me there is a kit in the truck to undo my tire...so behind the seat I went, and there it was! So lets try to again...you put 3 tubes together and push it through a plastic tube that opens up by your ignition key? sounds easy, so why isn't it working? so one of the guys suggested we consult the instruction manual that was inside the kit, was probably the best suggestion we got through this 3 hour ordeal. So we switched the square tubing, lined up the plastic pipe to the slot that the tubing locks into, turning the tubing in a counter clockwise motion and as if by magic the tire lowered! So now the tire is on the ground but still has this cable through the center attached to a long plate. Arggggg, now what, cut the wire? After we all rolled our eyes we just turned this plate vertical and slid it through the hole...Grabbed the tire, through it on, ran one stop sign (that's an entirely different story in its self and I'm not going to go there) and we were there! covered in dirt, damp from lying in the snow and freezing cold. But it was all worth it! first place in the purebred and 7th over all out of the 18 teams there. Yahoo!



Michelle Redstone 31:47





Haliburton Highlands Dogsled Derby Kearney,

Haliburton, Ontario, Canada

February 13-14, 2010

Got some nice photos at Haliburton, the trip down was also much smoother. The weather was great, got a bit of practice passing again. Not sure how I did over all, got another 2nd in the purebred. Will be back next year!


Michelle Redstone 31:35



race results 2009

Haliburton Highlands Dogsled Derby
Haliburton, Ontario, Canada

February 14-15, 2009


Was my first time at Haliburton this year, lots of teams out that weekend. Icy trails on Saturday, made for an interesting run, and wipe out.....Placed 7th over all and 2nd in the purebred.



7Michelle Redstone14:43:1815:37:0130:20:19


Kortright Centre Challenge
Vaughn, Ontario, Canada

January 31-February 1, 2009


Fun filled weekend, very fast twisty trails. Freezing cold on Saturday. t-shirt weather on Sunday, really tested the dogs tolerance to the heat. Excellent turn out, will definitely be back next year. Placed 3rd out of 18 Siberian teams.



3Michelle Redstone 34:24.06




Kearney Sleddog Race & Winterfest
Kearney, Ontario, Canada

February 7-8, 2009

This was probably the roughest trail I have ever encountered, lots of dirt and ruts. Still very fast in some parts, the sled could of easily of gotten away from you. Again t-shirt weather on the Sunday, was a test for both driver and team. Had a blast either way!


1Michelle Redstone 36:09




Markstay-Warren Challenge the Champ
Markstay-Warren, Ontario, Canada

January 10-11, 2009

I came 21st out of 26, first race of the season with a new team of youngsters. Bitterly cold, -35 with the wind chill, effortless run on the dogs part. The team got some experience, everything that could of went wrong did, broken neck lines, collisions, tangle ups, the usual, great learning experience.





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Race results 2008

Cannington Sleddog Races
Cannington, Ontario, Canada

February 23-24, 2008


Cannington is always fun, lots going on. Nice trails through the bush and in a corn field....warm weekend, everyone had a blast!



18Michelle Redstone15:0415:3230:36



Kearney Winterfest
Kearney, Ontario, Canada

February 9-10, 2008


Very cold windy weekend, lots of snow. Lots of snow machines on the trail, a lot of head on passing.


6Michelle Redstone 45:06


race results 2007

Markstay-Warren Challenge the Champ

Warren, Ontario, Canada

March 10-11 2007

My 2nd race, got lots of practice being passed....




race results 2005

Yvan Gingras Sled Dog Race
Verner, Ontario

February 12 & 13, 2005

My first race, head on passing all the way, had an old team of sibes and alaskans. Had a perfect run, probably the best I'll ever have, just lacked the speed. Crossed the finish second last