Washagami's Working Siberians

Help us run into race season

We had quite a few sponsors last year and in prior years who supported us by buying custom coasters and calenders. The money raised goes to things like new gangline, harness, and race entrance fees. It is greatly appreciated by both the mushers and of course the race team. We do offer rides on occasion for a small donation to the race team and welcome anyone interested in meeting our sled dogs.

Markstay-Warren Race

This was a last minute thing, we were offered the job of giving rides at this years race and decided "Hey! why not?"
They did extremely well, especially Ice man in the back, hes a star in lead, and didn't get bored running circles, hes a natural, would make an awesome tour dog. We were shown on the U-TUBE clip posted below, each loop was a race in their mind, YeHaaa! Go Ice Man go!


Our utility trailer was donated by Bedard's Hardfacing in Hagar, after a little TLC it fit our dog box perfectly.
Thanks a bunch Ray!

support the team! buy a calendar!


1 page calendar for $10.00 or a 12 page for $25.00! and a chance to win a free dogsled ride!