Washagami's Working Siberians

Transporting the dogs

    We have a box that fits on our truck and carries 6 dogs comfortably. We also have a utility trailer with a 10 hole box mounted to it. I see the pros and cons of having dogs on the truck and on a trailer, depending on how many we bring to a race, determines which set up we use.


    Training starts young, as pups there taken out in a harness and a long line to see their potential. They get to explore and gain confidence, check out the trails and just have a good time.

Young Dogs

    Well this is always exciting, are youngsters are paired up with a quiet, patient dog to learn the ropes. They catch on fast!

ATV-Early Fall

    About Nov. when the ground starts to freeze we head out and start training with our ATV.

ATV-Early winter

    Not quite enough snow for a sled, so we continue the ATV through Dec. I enjoy this part of training, cool and crisp, trails are nice on dogs feet, but no maintenance or packing of the trails just yet.

By Snowmachine

    On the first few runs, before the trail is packed enough to safely set in a snow hook, and to teach the dogs new trails..I use a snowmachine, it allows me to jump on and off quickly to fix an issue without worrying about dogs taking off without me. It also helps them stay accustomed to a machine close up, as most races have machines flying around. If I'm strapped for time that day and the dogs need to run, and the trails packed..I can also get both done in one shot.

On Sled

    The end result, running on a sled, nothing beats it! and the thrill of the race, new trails, new dogs, and catching up with old friends!