Washagami's Working Siberians

Nov. 10th 2014

We have some good news coming into the fall, or what looks to be good news in the future for our breeding/race plans. We have a new addition to the team. Baby recently became available, although we hadn't planned on another team dog this season as we were hoping to breed in the spring. Baby gave us another dog to train towards Kearney this season, she comes from working lines. Shes a combination of Kodiak, Northhome, Anadyr and Alaskan lines, she also has some iditorod finishers in her pedigree. If she passes health clearances and performs well this season, she would be a lovely out-cross to some of our current stock. Shes a sweet girl, a hard worker and is smooth in harness. Shes a small female, but is quick on her feet with a great appetite.




On a good note! Quest, our shy pup we got last winter has started her exciting career as a sled dog. Her first hook up was flawless, like she had been running her whole life. Although still spooky, you can see her gaining confidence as she forgets about being scared and gets excited about running. After all...humans equal harness....harness equals running with the other dogs. Shes quickly putting two and two together and tolerating me near her. She gets along great with everyone, has a very good appetite, and luckily isn't bothered by the ATV.